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Chanelle Rosé born and raised in Des Moines, IA has taken on the drag scene like no other in just a few years. Chanelle began her drag journey during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then she has produced multiple drag shows, brunches, bingos and more across the state. In 2021 Chanelle was named Capital City Prides Person of the Year after serving two years on the CCPride board as communications and PR. Each year in June Chanelle makes it her goal to collaborate with local and national establishments to raise money for LGBTQ youth education. She was also formally apart of The Garden Showcast and has since joined Spectrum Hospitality as a performing artist after relocating to the Iowa City area. 


Chanelle has been featured in brand deals with local establishments such as Lacheles Fine Foods, Echos Cookies, and National Sodas of America. 


In 2021, Chanelle founded the Iowa Drag Awards originally referred to as the East Village Drag Awards. The community feedback to have something similar statewide was overwhelming and Chanelle made it happen. Since then the award show has grown to reaching max capacity at local establishments. Chanelle is excited to welcome everyone to this years ceremony in celebration on the Iowa Drag scene.


For booking inquires / more information please reach out.

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